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Highlights of the Wolfpack's big day at USF

It's been hours since the game concluded and I am still processing all of it. Forty-nine points on the road! The statistical run down this week should be a good time. For now the pretty moving pictures will suffice, though there is a lot more that the ACC could have thrown into this reel. Truly we have a wealth of good plays to look back on, which is a wonderful thing. High fives all around.

So much domination, so much open field. When was the last time State's offensive line looked this good? The Chuck Amato era? It's refreshing to see regardless of the opponent.

What we need now is for South Florida to bounce back quickly; I have a difficult time seeing NC State earning a college football playoff bid unless this USF victory ultimately goes down on the résumé as a quality win, you know? But I have faith it'll all work out.