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FSU vs. NC State highlights: Jacoby Brissett's sorcery not quite enough

On more than one occasion Saturday, Jacoby Brissett played a game of chicken with disaster, and for a good portion of the game, that worked out well for NC State. Brissett managed to extend a bunch of plays with his feet, none of them more notable than the play that established an early 24-7 lead. He was as good as sacked twice there, then looked like he'd just lobbed the ball into a crowd, and somehow got the Pack a touchdown out of the ordeal.

Despite the upgrade in competition, Brissett continued to show the poise that we've started to expect from him and proved that he's also capable of making big plays against the good teams, too. NC State needed whatever sorcery Brissett was working with Saturday to last the full 60 minutes, but alas, it was not to be. The FSU defense finally made some plays of its own in the second half, which helped turn the game.

It was nonetheless an impressive day for Brissett and the Wolfpack offense. After the mess of an offense we had to endure in 2013, the performance against FSU felt like an epiphany. And if there were lingering questions about why this coaching staff spoke highly of Brissett from day one, I think they've been answered.