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Dave Doeren vs. Jimbo Fisher: Coaches square off in traditional Great Hurling Of Accusations

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Doeren was calm in the aftermath of NC State's loss to Florida State on Saturday, but contrary to outward appearance, he had plenty of salt to go around. In addition to mentioning some "unbelievable holding going on by their offensive line that apparently is invisible," Doeren not-so-subtly suggested that the Seminoles were pulling some shenanigans to slow down the Wolfpack's offense.

"The tempo we had was working until all the crazy fall-down things were going on and the clock kept stopping. The refs can't do anything about that but it's horrible the way the tempo gets slowed down by these injuries.

We went fast in the first quarter and there wasn't any fake injuries, I guess."

If you caught the game, you no doubt noticed that disingenuous tactics were assumed by nearly everyone in the building when FSU's guys began to go down. Whenever one of the Noles interrupted the game with apparent injury, you could not miss the boos. In one case, when an injured FSU player was taking his sweet, sweet time getting to the sideline, the frustration from the crowd was nearly palpable.

There was a cumulative effect, not simply because of the number of injury-related stoppages on Saturday, but because of the perception that fake injuries had already been used strategically by a couple of State's other opponents this season.

I don't blame anybody for being paranoid about this or frustrated by the team's tempo being derailed. Of course that's frustrating. I was uncomfortable sitting in the stadium amid all the boos, however; I mean, the fact of it is we couldn't really know if what we were seeing was a ruse played over and over. And one of the FSU players involved was the Seminoles' best defensive lineman.

Jimbo Fisher, of course, was insistent that nothing shady was going on. He fired back at Doeren on Monday.

"He accuses me, does he, well I accuse him! While I'm at it, I accuse pie of being superior to cake in every way! I accuse America of being too kind to me! I accuse my coaching staff of a great job this week! I accuse, do you hear me? Eternally, I accuse! ... So how's things with y'all?"

Shucks, fellas, I hope you can still be friends after this.