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Pack wins, but it's never easy

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you've heard this before, but NC State got off to yet another horrid start against Old Dominion before righting the ship in the second half. The Pack would go on to win 46-34, moving to 2-0 on the season.

The Pack was in danger of falling 28-10, but the defense finally got a stop thanks in part to a missed field goal. The Pack then marched down the field and scored, converting a 2-point conversion because why not it’s Old Dominion’s defense.

Once the Pack actually got stops, granted this didn't happen till the 4th quarter but it did eventually happen, it put the game away.

As was suspected, the Monarch’s defense was… poor. Just look at this stretch of drives for the Pack, going from the final drive of the first half to the point where the Pack was clearly just trying to run out the clock.

8 plays, 80 yards, Touchdown
12 plays, 59 yards, Touchdown
6 plays, 75 yards, Touchdown
7 plays, 80 yards, Touchdown
5 plays, 37 yards, Touchdown

That’s a stretch of averaging nearly nine yards per play. Combine that with one penalty, no turnovers for the night and it’s a recipe for winning even on a night where Old Dominion marched up and down the field like they were playing a high school defense.

Some of the Pack’s defensive problems were Old Dominion smartly going for it on basically every 4th down, converting five of five. But the Pack also allowed over five yards a rush and 6.5 yards per pass to the Monarchs oh and also 34 points.

So hardly an ideal night at Carter-Finley, but a win is a win I guess?