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NC State vs. Wake Forest game time: It's gonna be a nooner

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

NC State's road trip to Wake Forest is set for noon ET, which is both mildly concerning and then after five minutes of thinking about it completely horrifying. The Wolfpack is on a two-game losing streak and has not won at Wake Forest since my undergrad years, which was a long, long time ago.

Winston-Salem has become this weird mental block for Woflpack football, though without doubt Wake Forest had the better team on several occasions. My first experience in Winston-Salem was 2003--Philip Rivers' final year and Mario Williams' first--and it was dreadful. The last time I went, Daniel Evans was playing quarterback, and the result was no better.

State hasn't won there since 2001 and that's a string of events without an underlying connection, and history is irrelevant, and there is no such thing as momentum. But as a counter-point, oh sweet football not Winston-Salem, not now! Not now. Now is not the right time. Can we have a few more weeks?