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Let's argue about NC State football, part 3: DAVE DOEREN IS FIRED

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to a new and briefly-lived feature on the site, where I will argue with myself. Our current topic: NC State football. SAY NO MORE, PAL

You damned fools. You cosmic smash-welcoming, overbearing, hey-my-face-is-fine jackanannies. What, by god, were you thinking, you friendly-shelled fudge cakes? I have ... Christ this is tough. There's bad ... it's bad. Can I have a cupcake or is it too late to ask?

NC State football is a complete sham, made only marginally interesting by a run though four crummy non-conference opponents. No one remembers the non-conference schedule anymore because conference play started, so NC State has played a couple of decent teams.

NC State of course lost to both of those teams. This is not the end, it is merely the hysterical death sign of Dave Doeren, who is in year three. Dave Doeren has earned the hysterics, by the way. Forget about the first year, and Doeren is 3-7 in ACC games, which ain't bad...  But none of that shit matters. If you are not showing obvious improvement during year three, then you are doomed. This is the time of import, and you are missing in action, sir. If there is not clear progression then what are we doing here, catching fish?