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NC State vs. Wake Forest odds: Wolfpack an early 8.5-point favorite over Demon Deacons

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State opened as an 8.5-point favorite over Wake Forest, per Vegas Insider. This game happens to be at noon, and in Winston-Salem, where NC State has not won since 2001. I was a freshman in college that year (so was current professional basketball coach Julius Hodge), and like a decade from developing a Twitter addiction. My cell phone couldn't even talk to me. Long time ago.

So hang on one second here you're tellin' me they put the line at the where now

Eight-and-a-half points! THIS IS MADNESS. Everyone find the nearest wood or woodlike substance and knock on it for the rest of the day. In fact, that's not good enough. Go out into the daggone woods, and chop down a tree, and then drag that tree back into your house, and put it right in your living room, and tell your family that NO THEY'RE THE CRAZY PEOPLE, and then knock on that felled tree in perpetuity until kickoff.

Then, and only then, might we have a chance to break the enormous combo hex that is Winston-Salem and this Vegas line.