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Spelling error on NC State's part turned Stephen Hauschka into Steven Hauschka

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Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Being a Steven is pretty good but we are not without our modest day-to-day struggles. No, we are just like you, people with other names. Case in point: former NC State placekicker and current Seattle Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka. Hauschka's given first name is actually spelled with a PH and not a V. He is Stephen Hauschka. And yet you will not find him listed by that name anywhere, whether we're talking about, or stories in the Seattle Times, or the Seahawks' website.

This is all NC State's fault, amusingly enough: when he arrived at NC State in 2007, he was just another anonymous kicker, and State incorrectly spelled his name with a V. The truly hilarious thing is he rolled with it and never bothered to tell anybody. This is part of the story he told to David Glenn last week:

And when I say rolled with it, I mean he really rolled with it. He's still letting the V ride to this day--it's spelled that way on the Seahawks' official site, as I mentioned, and if you google "Stephen Hauschka," Google is like nope, that's incorrect, pal.

It's been eight years since that minor spelling error on NC State's part, and he's been all whatevs about it during all that time. Dude is not kidding when he says he's laid back, that's for sure.