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Highlights! Big plays define the day in NC State's win over Wake Forest

(Via @theaccdn)

NC State snapped a six-game Winston-Salem losing streak on Saturday. It's a streak that extends back so far, I don't remember a single thing about the other bookend to this skid, which was State's win in 2001. Philip Rivers was a sophomore at State that year, so never mind, I do remember one thing.

The Wolfpack's offense plowed through Wake's defense early in the game Saturday with a mix of solid execution and good individual efforts--Jacoby Brissett's ability to extend plays was on display for the Pack's first score, while Matt Dayes broke a tackle near the line of scrimmage before scampering 85 yards for a touchdown.

That was the single most entertaining quarter of football we've had in a while. It was historic as well:

You never know what you're gonna see when you head on out to the ball yard. An NC State offense that had been wilting for lack of big plays put together four of them in quick succession, creating one of the most surprising quarters of football this season. It doesn't have to make sense; we get to enjoy it regardless, which is the important part.