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NC State reveals 'Iron Wolf' alternate uniforms to be worn against Syracuse

NC State Athletics Communications

NC State and Adidas have cooked up some special gray-heavy alternate uniforms for Military Appreciation Day on Nov. 21. The Pack hosts Syracuse that afternoon. The helmet features a camo scheme, while the jersey and pants are somewhat reminiscent of State's black alternates. Check out the full reveal video from NC State football right here:

I don't mind 'em, and the most important thing in any case is that the players and recruits like this sort of thing. Always be recruitin'. Always be recruitin'. It'll be interesting to see if any components of this look remain in the regular rotation, like with the black uniforms. Maybe the helmet is a one-time deal for Military Appreciation day, but I could see those gray pants working with the white top.

I'm all for spicing things up every now and again, and I look forward to seeing how these look on the field. I'd imagine they'll look fine so long as NC State wins the game.