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NC State announces enhanced security measures for final two home football games

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, NC State has announced some additional security measures that will be implemented for the last two home football games of the season. The details are here, but the short of it is this: you are probably going to want to head for the gates earlier than you normally would.

Security at the gates is going to be scrutinizing bags, jackets, pockets, etc., to a greater degree than they have in the past, which is gonna take some extra time. NC State advises leaving your bag(s) at the car if at all possible, because the lines are gonna be slow as it is.

Carter-Finley gates will open a half hour early to help compensate for the increased focus on security, but still, you may need to nix your usual tailgate finale beer to ensure you're in your seat by kickoff. The power move would be grabbing a beer for the walk over to the stadium, but I don't need to tell you people that.

NC State also emphasized that there are no known terrorist threats against college venues.