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Syracuse football captain Rob Trudo: 'We don't like NC State too much'

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The game between NC State and Syracuse on Saturday afternoon was unusually contentious, for reasons that are not entirely clear. One of those reasons might be Wolfpack assistant coach George McDonald, who was a member of Syracuse's staff last year.

That can't be the entirety of it, though, which is the confusing part. Where did this really begin? Why was this such an angry football game? Was the Cuse-State result last year in the Carrier Dome stuck in the craw of every single Orange player, or were the mostly just frustrated about how the 2015 season has gone for them? Here's what noted Syracuse football man Rob Trudo, who I assume based on association is bad at sports, had to say about the proceedings:

"We don't like NC State too much, as a team, personally," Trudo said. "Everybody was a little frustrated, especially with the chain of events tonight. It's one of those things that happen. It's a learning experience for our players."

I know this is not going to help relations between NC State and Syracuse, but personally, I think that remark is poorly phrased.

"You've got to keep your head out there," Trudo said. "They were pushing after the whistle; we were too. They were talking a lot of trash out there, but once you get that first unsportsmanlike — and I had one too, though it was a bullcrap call — you've got to keep your heard out there. Steve [Ishmael], it's a learning experience for him. Brisly [Estime], he should be smarter than that."

Syracuse had multiple players ejected from this game. A relatively meaningless game that was not close for most of the day. NC State also could have run it up a bit on these clowns, but chose not to do so. I don't know where any of this is coming from, aside from the McDonald connection, but it's hilarious to read. I'm sorry you're on a bad football team, I guess? Is that it, pal? Is this just the frustration from last week--a close loss to Clemson--manifesting itself? Do we have a rivalry now? I'm so not sure about what the heck is happening.

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