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NC State vs. Boston College: Three things we're watching

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It's serious-business time, since one more win means bowl eligibility for NC State. Let's see now what's most serious about that business.

1.) Did you make the plane ride? T.J. Graham has a solid legacy at NC State, but he also has these remarks to own; remarks that came in the aftermath of a disgusting 14-10 loss at Boston College in 2011.

I'm not old but I kind of recognize the people around me. The new age of people, a new age of players, we get energized by different things, whether it be your uniform, music, crowd, stadium, opponent so it's kind of hard for a lot of us to get energized when it's a small crowd, same opponent, nothing fancy uniform wise, no new music or something.

And here that shit is haunting my mental state, totally unfairly, four years after the fact. Graham is essentially describing a team that was lulled to death by a combination of cruddy atmosphere, game time, and lame fan support. Well guess which among those things has changed about a game at BC! None of those things. Not one of those things. If anything they're all worse.

But in fairness, State was coming off a win over UNC in 2011, offering up ample opportunity for emotional letdown. That doesn't make any of it okay, but it makes it understandable, you know, human being to human being. I just hope Boston College has updated its uniforms.

2.) Why are you smiling? Because I am not right-handed! Let's assume Will Richardson is out for at least this weekend, and let's not even worry about Matt Dayes, because Dayes is a second-order concern. The offensive line sets the playing level and the running backs work with it.

Will Richardson's absence at right tackle is a concern, but how much does that hurt? The sweeps should return this weekend when appropriate, and with some shrewd play-calling the Wolfpack can that work to its advantage. Of course, knowing what we know about Boston College, and knowing what Boston College knows about us, then surely we cannot choose the run play in front of us.

3.) These things will happen. The Wolfpack's defense did not play well against Clemson, or rather the defense was overmatched and caught no breaks. These things happen. This is no time for a crisis of confidence, not with a particularly awful offense on the other side. The same goes for Kyle Bambard, who has officially hit a low point in his freshman kicking campaign, but is capable of being very good. Look across the way at Boston College and see a tonic, and you'll be fine.