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Highlights! NC State dooms Boston College with big plays

Oddly enough, that was really enjoyable. Jacoby Brissett has been tremendous over the last two games, with the only let-downs being the guys on the receiving end of his throws. Fortunately this week, that didn't matter. The Pack put together enough big plays to secure a win around BC's cruddy defense along the fringes.

I don't think most folks will fully appreciate how good Jacoby Brissett has been over the last couple of weeks--this is money time, and let the record show that Brissett was fantastic, it's just that he didn't always have the support of his receivers. Saturday afternoon was a nice example of what this offense can be and a fine indicator of what still needs fixed.

Regardless, Brissett led an offensive attack that clubbed the heck out of Boston College, which was not used to that degree of diversified clubbery. Matt Canada's shrewd play calling was frustrating in parts but also crucial in segments--Brissett became a larger player in both the deep-pass game and the ground game.

There is no better example of Brissett's well-rounded game than Saturday afternoon, and there was no better time for him to show it off.