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Eurndraus Bryant: An appreciation for a large man with large dreams

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Eurndraus Bryant is a true freshman defensive tackle on the NC State football team. He is listed at 350 pounds. Big E isn't a starter, but he has played in every game, and had a tackle for loss against Troy. He's been a relatively quiet part of the Wolfpack's defensive tackle rotation--until Saturday, when the magic of circumstance gifted him a wonderful opportunity.

It was the play of the game, and while it was plenty amazing the way it happened, it could have been so much more amazing.

Put yourself in Big E's shoes for a second here. I mean first of all, this is weird from the jump. Why is the ball in the air? Did he throw it? Who are these small children climbing all over my person? What in the world--oh it's coming right at me! I can catch this! I see the end zone, by god, I see the end zone! If I just keep--crap I tripped. Shoot, what was I carrying again? Oh that's--darn it.

The tragedy of this play is we were deprived of watching those tiny skill position players try to tackle Eurndraus Bryant. This keeps me up nights. But we must move past the coulda-shouldas and enjoy this moment for what it was. It was actually a heck of a play for him to jump and grab the ball after fighting off a double team, and you know what, even if it didn't end with the outcome that we or Bryant wanted, it set BC's offense back a good 15 yards.

No, perhaps it wasn't Piesman Trophy-worthy, but that's an impact play right there.