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NC State vs. Florida State odds: Wolfpack opens as two-score underdog

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Before you think about the game this week, I think it's worth remembering the game NC State had against Florida State two years ago. It was bad, it was real, real bad. You might even call it ugly. It was a low point for Dave Doeren's debut season. Everything went wrong.

Fast forward to now, which is today, and you know what, we're doin' okay over here. NC State opened as a 10.5-point underdog for its upcoming game in Tallahassee, but that line has since dropped to 9.5. This is progress. Stop laughing. Seriously, this is progress.

NC State is goin' down to Jeeeeeeeeeymbotown to hopefully have a try at winning some football. I can't say for sure how this will work out, but Florida State hasn't looked this vulnerable since the last time the Wolfpack beat the Seminoles, and it's important to note here that this is an FSU group that has already lost the Atlantic Division.

In conclusion, yes. To whatever your question might be, the answer is yes.