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NC State reveals uniforms Wolfpack will wear in Belk Bowl

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State is going to go with an alternate look for the Belk Bowl against Mississippi State, and the Wolfpack has made a fine choice, if I do say so myself. Per the team's announcement Monday morning, they'll be going with the black-white-black road combo in Charlotte. The gloves and shoes are brand new. (I think.)

The shoes are, uh ... interesting? Is that the right word? [Insert your "what are thooose" jokes here.] I'm hoping they will look better on the field than they do in this graphic, but otherwise, this is a good uniform combination. I'd like to see the black-white-black more often, but I also understand the desire to stick with the traditional school colors.

I don't know what Mississippi State will be doing for this game, but I think the Bulldogs should figure out some way to create helmets that sound like a cowbell when you rattle them. Imagine Mike Rose sacking Dak Prescott, with Prescott going down the tune of CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA. I don't care how impractical this is, now that I've pictured it in my head, I demand that they make it happen.

Anyway. Do you like the Pack's get-up and/or the idea of cowbell-soundin' helmets?