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NC State fans can get their #STATEMENT Sticks at the Belk Bowl

I hope you like noise.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

No that's not a euphemism, okay, you silly person? I can't believe you totally went there right off the bat ... er, stick. I certainly didn't. Anyhow, would you like to know what NC State is doing to counter Mississippi State and its horde of cowbells? They're bringing back thunder sticks! Of course, these are much better than thunder sticks, they are #STATEMENT Sticks.

That gif is kinda mesmerizing, actually. The Belk Bowl is now unofficially sponsored by artificial noise, with cowbells clangin' on the one side, thunder sticks smackin' on the other. It's possible this will be a terribly annoying cacophony, but at least now Wolfpack fans can get in on the action!

Personally I'd have gone with something more imaginative, like maybe we could have come up with a wolf sock puppet that makes a terrible howling sound when you open its mouth. Or what if we handed out small snare drums and drumsticks to everyone. You could call them #STATEMENT Snares.

Well, there's always next Belk Bowl. I'll keep brainstorming