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A look back at the 2011 Belk Bowl: NC State beats Louisville, 31-24

It's ancient history now, but let me tell you kids a story about a young man who was nine feet tall with an arm like a very powerful gun that shoots stuff a long way. Michael Glennon was his name. I tell you what, that young man could sling it about the yard with great precision, and how. Opponents tried as best they could--with the best tactics of the day--to confound Big Mike, but the efforts were always futile; a sad comedy against a man with incomparable physical and intellectual heft.

Let me also tell you about a defensive back with a wingspan that covered the entire east coast. We called him Interception-Touchdown Dave Amerson, because it was very catchy. Eyes as lasers, feet of a dancer, hands among the finest in the history of hands. He could jump a route three counties over and have the ball back at the house in no time flat.

T.J. Graham. Faster than time itself. In his prime he could return a punt 1,000 yards and and make it seem like he only went 70; I saw this myself once in a game against those ineffectual shoutsmen from UNC-Chapel Hill. He was as air, essential but intangible. Last man who caught him went on to be the president of space-time.

Needless to say, when they were all working together, NC State football could be quite something. See here their drubbing of an outfit from the Big East. The Big East was once a collection of wandering football teams, this "Louisville" bunch among them. The Big East is long since dead, not that you kids could possibly remember.