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The #goacc Moment of the Week! (12/9/15)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Hey, everybody, I'll be your #goacc guest host this week with Will out of town on vacation. Last week, we saw departing Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer take one more ride as #goacc champion. And perhaps he can be a nominee one last time, if the Hokies cooperate in their bowl game.

I think we have another strong bunch this week, between the punting fails, some lost luggage, and multiple "vomit events," as you'll see. (WARNING: VOMIT AHEAD.)

Please enjoy these nominees, and make your pick in the poll below.

1. Dave Doeren's luggage is vacationing in Miami (h/t @JeffFischel)

Talking with Pack Coach Dave Doeren

Posted by Jeff Fischel on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Oh, the perils of air travel, which Doeren outlines at the start of this video. He was flying to Charlotte from New York for a Belk Bowl press conference, and somehow his luggage landed in Miami. I hope he does eventually see that luggage again, but you know, some times our clothes need a vacation, too.

2. UNC fan cannot, um, keep it together during the ACC Championship game (h/t @TomFornelli@edsbs)


Hey, speakin' of people who can't hold their luggage, am I right? Food--it's stomach luggage! This woman went a little too hard in the paint during the pre-game festivities, it seems--and perhaps the during-game festivities as well--and the results were unfortunate. This is, however, a refreshing change in that usually Carolina fans are just vomiting words.

3. Chipotle is trying to kill Boston College's basketball team (h/t @BCInterruption@SullyHeights)

A local Chipotle restaurant may have caused 80 Boston College students to get sick with E. coli or norovirus, including at least eight members of Boston College's basketball team. Suddenly that loss to UMass-Lowell starts to make a little more sense.

The best part of this mess is the frantic email from a BC official that was sent to the school's athletes.

I can picture the author of this email frantically sprinting across campus to his office, lunging for his office chair, sliding and catching himself on the edge of his desk as the chair rolls past the computer, pulling himself back, and typing furiously with no regard for spelling. NO CHIPOLTE DON"T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This person hits send, then collapses into his chair in relief. Whew. Just in time.

In a sort of 3(a) #goacc entry, please enjoy this remark from an NCSU professor to Reuters:

Norovirus can persist in an environment for up to six weeks, said Benjamin Chapman, an associate professor and food safety specialist at North Carolina State University.

"Every time you have a vomit event, you're looking at billions of (virus) particles, and it takes only a few to make you sick," said Chapman, who said it was too early to say whether the students got norovirus at Chipotle.

"Vomit event." I gotta remember that one.

4. Clemson's punter is the hero absolutely nobody asked to try any heroics

The thing to note here is it's 4th-and-15 from the Clemson 30, and the punter only gains like three yards. Dabo Swinney was utterly baffled and none-too-pleased about this decision. I mean there was nothing there. Nothing. Oh you'll regret this one, son.

5. Mascots: often creepy, intentionally or otherwise (h/t @aadelsonESPN)

Andrea Adelson, who covers the ACC for ESPN, opted for a selfie with a couple of mascots prior to the ACC title game. And the angle here makes it look like the Hokie is creepin' on Andrea. Mascots, man, you can't take 'em anywhere, but at the same time you have to take them a lot of places.

6. Clemson has some interesting defensive signals (h/t @TheCauldron)

No comment.

7. Mark Richt needs some new belts (h/t @LoganMBooker@kaylarmorgan)

Why yes, that is former Georgia coach and new Miami coach Mark Richt wearing a Georgia belt on the day of his introduction at Miami. Old habits die hard. I get it. He's probably been reaching for that belt five times a week for 10 years. I bet it's lucky. With that said, I have a few Christmas ideas for Richt, on Miami's behalf.


Mind you, this came after the Clemson punter's horrific fail. Carolina took that in stride and said, "you know what, how about we have the punter THROW A PASS." Great idea, really gonna get 'em off guard. This play actually has clever design, but the Heels ran it to the boundary side, and it was completely DOA.

9. Pitt got a technical foul before its basketball game against Duquesne had even started (h/t @scacchoops)

Duquesne made the dead ball free throw it received from this technical, giving it a 1-0 lead zero seconds into the game. This game had a 1-0 score before the opening tip.

Listen, Pittsburgh, I don't know how many times we have to go over this, but you have to get your lineup card to the home plate umpire at least 10 minutes before the start of the contest. Sheesh, how about a little attention to detail.