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NFL Combine 2015: Wil Baumann, Rob Crisp in Indianapolis hoping to impress scouts

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

The annual NFL scouting combine is taking place this week in Indianapolis, where hundreds of pro prospects will be poked, prodded, and interviewed by NFL front offices. NC State has two participants this year: punter and all-around hero Wil Baumann, and left tackle Rob Crisp.

Based on Crisp's combine profile, he has questions to answer about his strength, but his footwork is good enough to eventually make him a starter in the NFL. Crisp is probably going to be selected toward the back end of the draft, though of course he could change some minds with his workout session on Friday.

Baumann is probably not going to be drafted (though they say he's got a chance!), what with being a punter and all, but he's shown enough skill in college to get a shot somewhere in free agency. His combine profile is almost comical compared to others', I guess because it's more difficult to go in-depth when critiquing punters. See:

WEAKNESSES Not much for tackling when a stray return man gets into the open field.

He's a punter, man, shouldn't this go without saying? I guess it's good though that this is the only weakness listed. No concerns about his leg strength, which is kind of important. And at least we can say he's weather-tested, unlike Clemson punter Bradley Pinion. (There's a scouting death sentence if I've ever seen one.)

The NFL Network will have live coverage of workouts this weekend, beginning with the offensive linemen and tight  ends on Friday.