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NC State football No. 45 in preseason FPI

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Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

NC State is ranked 45th in ESPN's 2015 Football Power Index preseason ratings, which is about where the Wolfpack finished 2014 in the eyes of FPI. ESPN's in-house college football ratings have a lot in common with F/+ and other in-depth ratings systems, and they've produced similar big-picture impressions of State, with some notable disagreements at the offense/defense/special teams level.

The Wolfpack ended 2014 ranked 57th in the FPI, 48th in Sagarin, and 46th in F/+. FPI expects NC State to have a top-30 offense in 2015, with an average defense and average special teams that'll combine for modest overall improvement. That's fair. The Pack's front seven is a work in progress that's probably going to need a more time beyond 2015 to pay off, and who knows what the new starters at PK and punter are going to do.

Ultimately this is just one more data point telling us Dave Doeren has re-organized NC State into a top-50 team, which is by no means a bad thing. Not after what happened in 2013.