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Dave Huxtable talks defense, plus other NC State football notes

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

With all the basketball winning and such, we've been ignoring the football team, which is still going through spring practices.

There's some pretty good stuff here from NC State defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable, who answered a bunch of fan-submitted questions. Hux dips into Xs and Os a bit, and says that the Pack will be sticking with its 4-2-5 hybrid defense in 2015.

Thanks for the great questions for Coach Huxtable! See what he has to say about our pound-for-pound hardest hitters.

Posted by Pack Football on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

In other football news, State held its pro day this week, and several players who were not invited to the NFL Combine were able to showcase their skills to NFL scouts. NC State's two Combine participants--Wil Baumann and Rob Crisp--also participated. Baumann sounded much happier about his pro day effort after what he considered an average perfomance at the Combine.

Two Wolfpack players have decided to retire from football, including nickel Tim Buckley, who logged more than 300 snaps in 2014. Best of luck to those guys.

Wide receiver Jumichael Ramos is hoping for a much bigger 2015 after getting lost in the wide receiver shuffle during the 2014 season. It sounds like he's kept a pretty good attitude about the situation despite going from rotation regular to a guy who only received spot duty (59 snaps total in 2014). He definitely has a chance to work his way back into the mix considering the attrition State's had at receiver.