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NC State becomes the forever champion of the Bitcoin Bowl

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It is with much regret that I relay news of the Bitcoin Bowl's demise. The bowl game in St. Petersburg is no longer associated with Bitpay, and so it is that another fine college football tradition has been cast aside. While this is a terrible shame, it means that NC State has the distinction of being the last team to win the Bitcoin Bowl.

They can take away the title sponsor, but they can't remove our memories.

What a play! What a venue! And what a bowl game sponsor it was! It's an emotional time for us all right now, but listen, college football just keeps adding more and more bowl games, and surely at some point in the future another internet currency will step in to fill the void left in our hearts.

And if not, we could always invent one. Jalan McCoins? "Tocho" sounds like it could be a currency. We'll figure it out; we've got time.