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NC State shot down Old Dominion's request for a Friday night game

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

NC State is playing a road game at Old Dominion in 2015 on Saturday, Sept. 19. That's not the date preferred by Old Dominion officials, according to a report from Harry Minium of The Virginian-Pilot. ODU wanted to play the game on Friday the 18th in prime time and NC State said no.

There are obvious reasons why ODU would want to make it a Friday night game--it's the program's first ever home game against a Power Five FBS program, and they could be more certain about getting national television coverage. They could make it more of an event, get that night game mojo going.

From NC State's end, this game was enough of a trap on a Saturday afternoon--it will almost certainly land at noon or thereabouts--so agreeing to a night game was a non-starter.

State wants high school prospects in Virginia to be able to see this game, and State also doesn't want to make it more difficult for its fans to make the trip. Those are valid objections. About this part, though...

"We already have a Friday night road game at Virginia Tech and don't want a second," N.C. State assistant athletic director for communications Annabelle Myers wrote in an email. She also cited missed class time for players.

We're worried about kids missing class now? Really?

I realize that NC State playing a Friday night game at Old Dominion makes absolutely no sense for NC State, but there's no need to insult anybody's intelligence.