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NC State signee Tyler Griffiths discusses the weird world that comes with being a long-snapper recruit

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

What's it like to go through the college football recruiting process as a long snapper? It's not typical; not even close, really, as NC State signee Tyler Griffiths explains in Tim Winters' On The Sideline podcast. Griffiths called the recruiting process a full-time job, not because he constantly had to fend off mailers from various programs, but because he had to work constantly to get their attention.

That did pay off eventually; his transition to long snapper in high school became his avenue to the next level, and after initially receiving an offer from NC State as a preferred walk-on, he was offered a full scholarship. Louisville was also after Griffiths, but he chose the Pack in part because of the proximity to his family in western NC.

He'll step foot on campus this summer as the presumed starter at his position, and he's already on a regimented nutritional plan laid out by NCSU. That was one of the more surprising tidbits to me--a guy is not even enrolled, and he's already had a meal schedule mapped out for him. I'm sure if NC State is doing this, it's typical everywhere.

Funny, though. Griffiths laments the cost in junk food, and he's a big fan of Cookout, which has a location mere minutes from campus. That's probably off-limits to him at this point, and let that be an example to us all in regards to college athletes. The presumptive starting long-snapper has food restrictions. Athletes receive a lot but also give up a lot, like meat-loaded Cookout trays.