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Nyheim Hines offers a twist on the backflip catch

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

This is the summer of the backflip catch, thanks to Odell Beckham Jr., who during an NFL game last season reached out with a gloved hand covered with glue, pine tar, and heavens knows what else to make a pretty good football catch. Lots of dudes are trying to one-up that feat, though no one has matched this. Maybe that one just looks extra pretty because of the slo-mo, and then again, there were gloves involved.

Here is incoming NC State freshman Nyheim Hines' submission, which deserves extra credit because he does it bare-handed, and because his mid-air move would score in both the X-Games and the Winter Olympics.

There are no judges in college football--well no, hang on a second, let me put a lid back on this can of worms. There are no judges in a strict "this move is worth this many points" sense, but if college football ever does come to that, we can rest easy knowing that Hines has NC State covered.