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Early odds have NC State a heavy favorite against Old Dominion, field goal favorite against Louisville

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Laugh away at our non-conference schedule, America. Laugh it on up. There is a purpose to the schedule, and I'll remind you that we're going on the road twice and-- I'm sorry, you say we're three-score favorites at Old Dominion? You know what, never mind, I'm sorry I said anything.

Old Dominion gave State a good game in Raleigh last year, but these are teams going in opposite directions. I'll say this, though--the Monarchs got a night game, which is inherently scary. Shouldn't matter, but when you have a game that becomes an Event for the other team, it's frightening.

Beyond the non- conference games, there's NC State as a field goal favorite at home over Louisville.

Not weird! Why is this strange given State's performance in Louisville last season, with multiple contributors suspended, against a team that had like a half dozen defensive players drafted in May? Louisville is going to find a cliff this year, right along with Boston College. And you can quote me! /spits