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Torry Holt nominated for induction into College Football Hall of Fame

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Former NC State great Torry Holt is on the ballot for the 2016 College Football Hall of Fame class and surely will be seen as a no-brainer choice by the numerous people who have a vote. Holt would become the sixth NC State player in the Hall, joining Roman Gabriel, Jim Ritcher, Jack McDowall, Dennis Byrd, and Ted Brown.

Torry, of course, is already in the NC State athletics Hall of Fame.

I couldn't write a post like this without some hightlights, so let's have those highlights, shall we.

I don't think anybody before or since made the bubble/tunnel screen play look so useful. I remember in 1999, the coaches would try to run those plays with Chris Coleman or whoever and it seemed like it always got blown up. Torry was a magician in that sense. But then, a guy who averaged 146 receiving yards per game for a full season would have to something of a football sorcerer.