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David Grinnage, Matt Dayes, Quinton Schooley on preseason watch lists

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason watch lists continue, with David Grinnage and Quinton Schooley the most recent to earn the watchability honor. Grinnage is on the John Mackey watch list for top tight end, while Schooley is on the Rimington Trophy watch list for the nation's top center.

Running back Matt Dayes is on the Paul Hornung Award watch list; that award is for "versatile, high-level performers" in college football, so I guess, the most Marshall Faulk-type-looking football player?

The only one to win the Backing The Pack award for Most Tremendous Place In Time goes to David Grinnage, who happened to be right there after catching a touchdown pass against UNC. Seriously, is there a better photograph than this?


Look at sadpants in the process of removing his mouth guard, likely the closest thing to the fundamentals he managed during the entire play. He didn't need that mouth guard while he botching his assignment, that's for certain.