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Kentavius Street is a monster

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Kentavius Street is heading into his second season of college football and adjusting to a new position in the process--he's moved from defensive end to defensive tackle. He's probably going to have some struggles as he adjusts to that change, but no doubt he's got the tools to make it work out just fine.

WTVD's Mark Armstrong asked area strength and conditioning coaches about the guys who are putting up the most impressive numbers in the weight room. NC State S&C coach Jason Veltkamp volunteered Street, who is heading into his true sophomore season:

Street, who's listed at 6'2 and 290 lbs predictably lifts big numbers: Clean 330, Squat 635, Bench 450. It's the vertical leap that jumps off the page though. Kentavius somehow propels his 290 pound frame 39+ inches into the air.

How does a 290-pound person jump by traditional means more than three feet into the air? And by traditional means, I am saying how do you do that without magic? Here's some context on that vertical:

If you're comparable to Mario Williams in any category, you're not doing too bad. Kentavius Street is not doing too bad. And besides, if he runs into a tough offensive lineman or has to overcome double teams, he can simply leap over those obstacles. He can get up into serious FAA-regulated airspace, so whether or not he intercepts a pass during his trip will depend on how generous he's feeling.