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Nyheim Hines and Tyler Jones make Athlon's All-Freshman team

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Athlon is having a go at figuring which of the country's freshmen will have the largest impacts in 2015, and they've included a pair of NC State players. Both Nyheim Hines and Tyler Jones are third-team All-Freshman. (I wonder if you get a fancy plaque with that honor.)

They're well into speculative territory with the Jones pick, but with State's obvious needs up front, he certainly could work his way into a significant role. Hines is a no-brainer since he should be plugged right in to a starting spot at receiver.

I'm actually surprised--appalled, really--that Athlon isn't giving Hines more credit. Clearly they have not seen this video of Hines making a real good football catch, because if they had seen that, Hines would be all alone on an tier above the first team. He would be on the Nyheim Hines All-Freshman team, all by himself.

But these preseason lists are always some degree of criminally erroneous. I recommend calling your Congressman so we can get the ball rolling on this issue. I mean it's been several days and Athlon has not realized its mistake. For now we'll just have to mentally pencil Hines into a new NYHEIM HINES ALL-FRESHMAN TEAM column.