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ACC Kickoff 2015: Jacoby Brissett, Mike Rose run the media gauntlet

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Media days are long for the players, who go from interview to interview, from ESPNU to radio shows to press conferences with the assembled local media. Jacoby Brissett and Mike Rose had the honors for NC State this year, and didn't disappoint. Rose in particular was great.

(Don't worry, the injury is not serious.)

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (why is farming supposed to be so bad) OOOOOOOOOOOOOO (no really why does this continue as a theoretical insult) OOOOOOOOOOOOO (Old MacDonald had a farm on which he taught guys to beat the shit out of UNC 35-7) OOOOOOOOOOOO. Moo.

Here is the full transcript from their pressers. Rose was candid, and spoke a bit about some differences between the TOB and Dave Doeren regimes. He also admitted that he could have played harder against the cupcakes on the schedule last season.

The ACC had the players call one highlight play from their 2014 season; for State, that was Brissett's memorable five-year-long scramble against Florida State.

There's so much to take in here. First, Mike Rose adopts an excellent Announcer Voice. Second, did you see Jalen Ramsey, he's tall. Third, Brissett stops just short of admitting that the success of this play was 135% luck. "I get scared when I really can't see anybody but the crowd, so I just threw the ball up." You and me both, man.

All questioned out. Here's GoPack's video recap.