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ACC Kickoff 2015: Dave Doeren talks personnel changes, Twitter, depth at QB and RB

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Following the Mike Rose show on Monday, it was Dave Doeren's turn with the media at the ACC Kickoff on Tuesday. Doeren addressed a number of topics, from the areas of weakness on his team, to the strengths, to the amount of time he spends on Twitter.

And, kids, this is as good a time as any to remind you that coaches are always watching what you're tweeting (#welcometo2015), and you need to be careful. Here's Doeren on that:

We're always trying to figure out who's the best fit. We actually do look at their pages, their pictures, what they write. There's several kids that we'll stop recruiting when we see some of the things they put on those pages. We're always trying to find not only the great player, but the right person for our program, the right fit for our program.

On his own use of the social media platform:

Obviously I'm in communication as much as I can be. I do feel like recruiting is one of my strengths. As a head coach I'm very active in that role. I'm messaging as much as I can with certain guys, building relationships with them that maybe another school's head coach doesn't do that. We feel like it gives us an advantage that I will. So I don't know how many minutes or hours, but I'm on there a lot. Enough where it bothers people at home probably, you know what I mean?

"Honey, PLEASE, could you just give me two minutes? I'm trying to figure out the right emojis to DM to this 15-year-old."

I joke but that's a significant part of recruiting in the modern age, and it's a little weird and a bit uncomfortable but entirely necessary. Can you imagine Tom O'Brien ever trying to do this? "Tweeting? I bet you could minor in this at North Carolina. Which way is up on this thing ... ah, the hell with it." /smirks, throws phone out of window

Actually I wouldn't mind seeing that.

Doeren had a lot of kind words for Reggie Gallaspy, without ruling out a possible redshirt season for the early-enrollee:

Well, he's going to have an immediate impact, it's just whether it's on the field right away. He already has in the way he works. He's a really, really good role model. He hasn't been on a list since he's been here. He works his butt off. Nobody has anything to say about him but good things. He's a great teammate. How fast he plays. We have two good backs in front of him. He may not play a lot as a freshman, he might. Even if he redshirts, he's going to have an impact because of the type of person Reggie is. I'm blessed and happy to have him on our football team. He made a great choice I think to be here, to be around his mom. I know his community is proud, our state is proud to have him on our team. So far so good. We have a lot of good backs. That's the problem or the privilege, I guess, we have as coaches, to decipher how we're going to use them all this year.

On the one hand you have your terrifying questions, like, "how do you feel about freshmen starting at kicker and punter?" and on the other, your welcomed headaches, like "how will you sort out your impressive depth at running back?"

Reading between the lines, seems like Doeren is saying that a redshirt season for Gallaspy is a strong possibility. With the veterans ahead of him, not to mention the presence of Johnny Frasier/Nyheim Hines/Jaylen Samuels as potential contributors out of the backfield, the hedging makes sense.

Doeren has a lot to settle once camp gets underway, and in this case at least, it's a problem he's lucky to have.