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A day in the college football life with Nyheim Hines

Watching this video brought back a lot of memories even though I cannot relate to the student-athlete experience at all. First off, that's either Tucker or Owen that Hines is coming out of in the morning, right? I'd imagine that's a temporary summer dorm assignment but still it's strange to see athletes on that part of campus. They're just like us!

And there are so many shots here of Winston/Caldwell/Tompkins, which is where I spent a significant portion of my NC State career. It's like Nyheim Hines is replicating my college experience, except with earlier wakeup times, and an obvious talent for football, and much larger friends. I was once on an intramural flag football team that won a game, though, and they can never take that away from me.

I got to sleep in a loooooot more than Hines (and my roommate) and I feel a little bad about that in retrospect. Ain't like I had practice to attend.