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NC State football in 2015: How many wins?

I really like the photograph.
I really like the photograph.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

NC State has not held a scrimmage yet and we have no idea who will redshirt, but you know what, that kind of crap has never stopped anybody from predicting stuff. So let's predict some stuff. How many wins to think NC State will have at the conclusion of the regular season?

You've read the somewhat tongue-in-cheek reasons why this team will be pretty good but not great, or just plain great. Now is the time to decide how you really feel and put it on the record, even though the Wolfpack hasn't scrimmaged yet. Look, this will make you appear more important if you're right in calling it this early.

Also I think I've forgotten one, possibly two MS Paint awards that have been earned by commenters? I'm just now remembering that I may have made a boo boo there. It's not that I forgot, it's that I sometimes fall adrift in a sea of creativity, where my distress calls go unanswered. I'm sorry? Hello? Who's there? Plus you can't rush the process and who do I owe paintings? Please leave a note in the comments and I will double-time my process.

With that said, you can win an important MS Paint drawing with your prediction today! Unless I forget about it. Take your pick on wins, and the football team will figure out the rest.