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Notes from NC State's first scrimmage: Nyheim Hines makes a quick impact at receiver

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

NC State scrimmaged in full pads for the first time on Saturday, and while the most important thing is avoiding injuries, the other most important thing is getting a better idea of who fits where. Dave Doeren recapped the scrimmage with the media once it was over.

Doeren mentioned that true freshman Nyheim Hines scored on a long pass play, which is exciting to hear, and hopefully an omen for much great football success to follow. Doeren also said that he's "looking forward to watching the film" from the scrimmage. What a time to be a football coach!

Freshman place kicker Kyle Bambard impressed Doeren by hitting a couple of long field goals, including a 53-yarder. He noted, however, that there were some bad snaps which created some problems for Bambard. We've been spoiled of late by the quality of the snaps within this program. (You know, a lot of places boast about being QBU or DBU or whatever; well I say we're SnapsU.)

With a freshman manning that spot this year, there's probably going to be inconsistency. Just have to hope it is not of the disastrous variety. Because there are bad snaps and then there are "oh shoot that's over everyone's head" snaps.

As for the offensive line, Doeren said only two starters are locked into a spot: center Quinton Schooley and guard Tony Adams (who is also going to be the backup center). Joe Thuney of course will be a starter somewhere, Doeren's just not certain at this point if it'll be guard or tackle. Alex Barr, Will Richardson, and Tyler Jones are all hopefuls at OT.

In some shocking news, Matt Dayes allegedly dropped two (!) passes during the scrimmage. In fact I will not believe this until I see video of it. But if that's true, then he's gotten all of his drops out of the way before the season's started, which is smart.