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NC State football is almost here, but until then, we'll just have to watch replays of wins

We are less than three weeks away from the first game of the season, leaving us less than two weeks away from Game Week. As exciting as that sounds, it may not quite be enough. I would like football tomorrow. Give me football tomorrow. You don't have any football ready for tomorrow?!

All right, looks like we're going to have to rely on the internet to get us through these next couple weeks of practice. (And remember, always be praying for the safety of knees. Everyone's knees. Mainly football players' knees this time of year, but definitely everyone's knees.)

So here's the NC State win at UNC from 2008, with no short-yardage hail marys required. This was a breakthrough spot in Russell Wilson's NC State career, but it's also notable for the rapid breakdown on Carolina's part. For a while there the Tar Heels looked like an okay football team, and then kerblammo, they exploded into a million consecutive turnovers. At one point UNC went to a bounce-pass offense, but what do you expect from a basketball school.