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NC State's cost-of-attendance stipends will be paid once-per-semester

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

We have a decent idea about what schools will be paying for cost-of-attendance this upcoming academic year, even if there are a whole lot a caveats that go with this alteration to the value of an athletic scholarship. Not only are schools faced with figuring out cost-of-attendance, they also must  figure out the best way to dole out the money.

NC State is going to compensate its athletes once per semester, per David Peel of the Daily Press. Duke, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, and Boston College are also taking the lump sum approach. Some ACC schools, like Wake Forest, Virginia, and Clemson, have settled on a monthly payment plan.

There's a learning curve on both sides, so it'll be interesting to see how these plans are modified going forward. It seems like the once-a-month structure would be better for college kids, so they're getting, say, $300 bucks every month, which would allow them to more effectively budget. As opposed to getting $1,500 in one this-is-all-you-get payment. But I know plenty of people who were frugal as hell in college, myself included, so maybe the payment frequency won't matter.