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NC State football depth chart: David Grinnage starting at tight end, Jaylen Samuels starting at fullback

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

NC State is releasing the depth chart for the opener against Troy in pieces. Already we've gotten the two-deep for the defensive line and the offensive line. Next up, the tight ends and fullbacks. There are no real surprises here, with David J. Grinnage and Jaylen Samuels leading the way.

Grinnage is in line for a big year catching the ball from the tight end spot, and I wouldn't attach much meaning to Samuels being listed at fullback. Jaylen Samuels is not a fullback, and he's not really a running back, nor a tight end, for that matter. He is simply The One Who Smashes, a one-man brute squad who transcends traditional categorization.

Samuels lost some weight during the offseason, and the coaches have had great things to say about him throughout camp. He ain't just gonna be handling lead-blocking duties out of the backfield while begging for the occasional touch.

I'm really excited to see how Matt Canada's imagination goes when it comes to Samuels because the possibilities are myriad. Maybe he's better as a pass-catcher in this offense. Maybe we should fake every punt all season and let Samuels handle all of them. Reality is somewhere in between those scenarios. Probably.