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NC State's complete depth chart for Troy

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

With the reveal of the starters at placekicker, long snapper, and punter, the NC State's complete depth chart for the Troy game is out. And what a journey it's been! I'll miss the drawn-out nature of this exercise the most***.

(*** As Matt would say, Always Be Recruiting. The way they did this rollout, they could better showcase individuals. Errbody had 3.5 seconds in the Twitter limelight, and hey, I guess that's something. Sure I'll moan about it, but who cares what I think.)

ANYWAY. Here is the entire depth chart in table form, including the special-teamers, all of whom are freshmen. Everything appears to be in order; can we play football now?

1st-string 2nd-string 3rd-string
QB Jacoby Brissett Jalan McClendon
RB Matt Dayes Dakwa Nichols Reggie Gallaspy
FB Jaylen Samuels Max Stoffer
TE David Grinnage Cole Cook Benson Browne
LT Joe Thuney Emanuel McGirt
LG Alex Barr Garrett Bradbury
C Quinton Schooley Terrone Prescod
RG Tony Adams Bryce Kennedy
RT Will Richardson Tyler Jones
WR Nyheim Hines Gavin Locklear Ben Grazen
WR Bra'Lon Cherry or Johnathan Alston Elliott Davis or Vernon Grier
WR Jumichael Ramos Maurice Trowell Freddie Simmons
DE Mike Rose Darian Roseboro Emmanuel Olenga
DE Bradley Chubb Pharoah McKever James Smith-Williams
DT Kentavius Street Justin Jones Coult Culler
DT BJ Hill Monty Nelson Eurndraus Bryant
MLB Jerod Fernandez M.J. Salahuddin or Ford Howell
WLB Airius Moore Ernie Robinson or Riley Nicholson
NICKEL Dravious Wright Freddie Phillips
CB Jack Tocho Niles Clark
CB Juston Burris Mike Stevens
FS Hakim Jones Germaine Pratt
SS Josh Jones Shawn Boone
PR Bra'Lon Cherry Nyheim Hines
KR Matt Dayes and Nyheim Hines
PK Kyle Bambard Jackson Maples
P AJ Cole Will Stephenson
LS Tyler Griffiths Ben Garnett