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NC State football opens camp Tuesday and hooray football wooooooo

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't the official start of football season, what with there not being any games being played, but I think we can all give ourselves a round of applause for surviving another summer. Fall camp is here for NC State and we're only about a month away from the season-opener.

Ahead of the start of practice, NC State released some preseason notes, as well as a roster, but alas, no initial depth chart. Of note, though: Nyheim Hines is listed with the receivers and Jaylen Samuels is grouped with the tight ends. Also, true freshman DT Quentez Johnson is listed at 340 pounds and counterpart Eurndraus Bryant is listed at 350. I don't know if that's good or bad, but good heavens, that's a lot of human. Those guys both have a small child on presumptive tackle starters B.J. Hill and Kentavius Street.

Talkin' about fat guys, man, havin' some chats about fat guy football. It's damn good to be back. I've missed this a lot. Let's go bludgeon some teams into a thousand pieces.