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Dave Doeren goes in-depth on the roster at Meet The Pack Day

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Meet The Pack Day is all about introducing the team to the fans, but it also provides the media with the opportunity to catch up with Dave Doeren. Doeren spoke for about 25 minutes Sunday, addressing every position on the team. The Wolfpacker has the audio and some quotes.

Of note, Doeren's remark about the defensive line, which is something of a question mark heading into 2015:

"I like our depth a lot," Doeren added about the defensive tackles, where they are replacing T.Y. McGill and Thomas Teal. "It's better that is was last year. Will they produce the same way? Until they get out there, it's going to be hard to know."

Better depth at defensive tackle than last season? Sounds good, coach! Actually it's not as surprising as it felt to me initially. Kentavius Street is in that mix now, along with a more experienced B.J. Hill, plus the big fellas who were a part of the most recent recruiting class. And there's the return of Monty Nelson from injury. If this group can exceed expectations, the defense's prognosis isn't nearly as concerning.

At running back, Doeren said that Reggie Gallaspy is ahead of Johnny Frasier, but chalked it up to the simple fact that Gallaspy enrolled earlier. Doeren said his staff will not make any determinations about redshirts until the team has gone through a couple of scrimmages. They were in full pads for the first time on Saturday.

Nyheim Hines has been getting a lot of work in the slot position, as was anticipated, and it sounds like he'll dabble in a little bit of everything. He may also end up the punt returner, which would give the Pack some speed and explosiveness there that it's lacked recently. And I don't mean that as a veiled shot at Bo Hines--he settled that spot last year when we were having issues and he caught the dang ball. A simple thing but a rather important one.