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Troy's top wide receiver working his way back from injury

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Wide receiver Bryan Holmes has been a significant part of Troy's passing games the last two seasons. He led the Trojans with 474 receiving yards last season, and had 676 receiving yards in 2013. This offseason he's had to deal with injuries to a shoulder and an ankle.

Those setbacks bumped him down to second-string at flanker, but a depth chart at wide receiver is mostly pointless since the number of personnel on the field at that position will swing from one down to another. The larger question is about his effectiveness, and whether or not he's healthy enough to reprise his role in the offense.

If he is, that's good news for a Troy offense breaking in a new system. If not, then the Trojans are effectively without their top two receivers from last season (second-leading receiver Chandler Worthy graduated), which is not super great. The Trojans' offense was already bad enough with those guys.

Some more roster notes on the Trojans are here. And here is a profile of Troy head coach Neal Brown, who once played for the Lexington Horsemen in the National Indoor Football League. That is certainly something.