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Highlights: Matt Dayes and Jaylen Samuels do their thing as NC State pitches shutout

It might never have felt like it, mainly because NC State's offense took its time putting the ball in the end zone, but this was a far better collective effort than we saw in Week 1. State held the ball for 40+ minutes for the second consecutive week, and this time the offense got a huge assist from the defense, which allowed only 112 yards.

NC State squandered a couple of early opportunities in plus territory--one drive ended with a missed field goal, and another ended with a Dakwa Nichols (RIP) fumble. Still the game was never in doubt, because Eastern Kentucky couldn't throw the football.

The Pack challenged the Colonels to beat them through the air, and the Colonels couldn't do it. Eventually, superior talent won, and the Wolfpack broke through on the scoreboard. Matt Dayes had another great day running the ball, and Jaylen Samuels, who is still learning the Jaylen Samuels position, delivered in the way we've come to expect.

I like to think State's defense took the Troy game personally and that's why we saw a shutout on Saturday night, but that is probably just me projecting. In any event, the night darn sure went as well as we could have hoped.