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NC State preparing for rowdy crowd at Old Dominion

It might get loud.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

NC State could use a faster start this week, mainly because, y'know, it helps a bit more when you're on the road. The Wolfpack knows it will be walking into a sold-out stadium with a crowd amped up about Old Dominion's first home game against a power-conference school.

This gives the Pack several reasons to take advantage of its new indoor facility, and none of them have to do with the weather. For one thing, Old Dominion plays on field turf, so State can make sure it's accustomed to that surface. Plus it makes piping in crowd noise during practice more useful, for obvious reasons, and by obvious reasons I mean walls.

Via Harry Minium of the Virginian-Pilot:

N.C. State coach Dave Doeren said piping in crowd noise is something his coaching staff does "whenever we go on the road and the game is a sellout or we expect a loud crowd."

(So, never the week leading up to a game in Chapel Hill, am I right, guys?)

If I were the head coach, I would probably pipe in the most obnoxious song I could think of, then adjust the volume based on the offense's performance. Score a touchdown, and the sound goes down a couple notches. Commit a false start, and it's up a notch. This I feel is an unstoppable preparation strategy but I think everyone on the team would transfer at the end of the year.

Anyway, the environment up in Norfolk in the early-going should be fun, but the Wolfpack will have a good contingent of its own. ODU plays in a stadium that barely seats 20,000, and at least 1,700 of those will be filled by State fans.