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NC State is running the ball a lot, and I'm ready to forget about the forward pass

Lance King/Getty Images

The Dave Doeren era has been a complete re-evaluation of football for me. When I was in college, State had Philip Rivers to run the show, and the run game tended to be effective, but it was never consistently emphasized. In the time between Rivers and Doeren, the run game felt a lot like an afterthought, and the production tended to reflect that.

That started to change in Doeren's first year, but the impact was mitigated by the lack of a quarterback. Last season was a true breakthrough, even considering the schedule, because the strength of schedule was irrelevant, because my god, man, had you heard the last time we'd done that well on the ground?

NC State has more than 700 yards rushing through three games in 2015, which is about half its rushing total during Tom O'Brien's final year. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this except that it feels so far removed from 2012, it's hard to figure.

I didn't think I would like this style of offense, but it turns out, clubbing people over the head with the football is a lot more fun than watching Mike Glennon check down and throw for six yards 45 times per game***.  I love me some Mike Glennon, but in retrospect, those offenses were not much fun. (Which wasn't his fault.)

(***Statistics may not be official.)

The offense is a damned good time nowadays, and I'm a complete convert after a lot of early skepticism. Let's club everyone and eat their bones.