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Highlights: NC State's touchdown parade at South Alabama

Where even to start? Maybe we should all pick our favorite touchdown. But there were so many good ones though! I liked them all, to be honest, not sure which one would definitely be my favorite, but I guess if I had to pick one, it would be ... hold on, give me a minute.

I think probably the Shad Thornton run, because the blocking on that play was so silly-good, Thornton basically had nothing to do for like 30 yards of running. That right there was a #STATEMENT and such. But they were all good touchdowns, I think we can agree. They were all good, enjoyable touchdowns.

NC State finished the game averaging 8.6 yards per play, and for a significant portion of the first half, that average was well north of 10 yards per play. And to think I was mildly concerned after South Alabama scored the first touchdown of the game.