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Shadrach Thornton: 'We got some good stuff in storage'

Tyler Jones and the Tune Man paving new roads in Mobile.
Tyler Jones and the Tune Man paving new roads in Mobile.
Michael Chang/Getty Images

During the media availability following NC State's win at South Alabama, a handful of Wolfpack players answered questions, including the primary stars of the game--Jacoby Brissett, Shadrach Thornton, and Matt DayesPack Pride has the full video of each interview right here.

(By the way, kinda weird how these were all done outside. South Alabama's locker rooms must be tiny as all heck, and apparently there's no dedicated interview room.)

Shad was asked about the play calling, among other things, since the Wolfpack did pull out a few new tricks for the Jaguars. Thornton added that there's more to come, saying "we got some good stuff in storage." To which I responded:

Matt Dayes gave full credit to the offensive line for his performance not once but twice in the span of two minutes, and that's how you do it, man: keep the big fellas happy, and keep those successful running plays happen. Classy gesture on Dayes' part.

Brissett also complimented the o-line, and those dudes earned every bit of the praise. The USA game was some of the group's finest work to date, and that despite being shorthanded with two players out because of injury. They absolutely owned the point of attack.