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Troy vs. NC State: Three things we're watching

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

NC State has itself plenty of roster questions to answer heading into the 2015 season, and we while we most likely won't have any definitive conclusions to draw, we'll be looking for some inklings. Here are some of the critical issues I'll be keeping an eye on.

1.) Where's the depth at receiver?

Many expect Nyheim Hines to be a solid contributor out of the slot, and I have seen no reason to doubt that we'll hear his name a lot. But where else does NC State get its production at receiver? Is Bra'Lon Cherry ready for a breakout, or maybe Jumichael Ramos is prepared for big things after a no-show 2014 campaign?

2.) Who's ready to step up in the middle of NC State's defensive line?

This spot could be a primary reason why the Wolfpack's defense is better in 2015, if these guys play up to their potential. Kentavius Street may need some time to grow accustomed to playing inside exclusively, but then again maybe he's already comfortable and destroying the weaklings lining up opposite him. How much better is B.J. Hill, and what might we get out of Monty Nelson?

3.) Snappin, snappin', it starts with the snappin'.

An all-freshman kicking crew; think of the excitement to come, for better and for terrifying. The reps State gets for placekicker Kyle Bambard (several, one hopes!) and punter A.J. Cole (you know, a couple, I guess) will give us a preliminary idea of what to expect from them, but I'm really interested in seeing a tidy effort from long snapper Tyler Griffiths. After all, you cannot have a kick without first a snap -- or so I think the saying goes.